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We walk the talk:

  • We only sell products we have used in the   development of the Simon Visual Language and the SimonTOOL, in our consulting engagements, and in the production of Simon products.

  • We have tested many other products in our quest for the best products for Simon drawings.

  • Simon Labs Press creates all books, publications, and collateral materials with the SimonTOOL.

  • Simon Labs Press prints all books on the printers and papers we sell. We even give a choice on printer/paper for the drawing books so you will see how they will look and feel when you print drawings.

Thus, we know these products and how they work with the SimonTOOL and in a production environment. We have done the research and testing and only offer a few products that we trust.

We are a family owned and run business, committed to your satisfaction with Simon products which means you must be satisfied with the support products.

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