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Business Design and Blueprints (ISBN0974303402)

Business Design and Blueprints

Business Design and Blueprints:
 Effective Business Communication Using the Simon Visual Language

Authors: Marc Sewell and Laura Sewell

ISBN: 0-9743034-0-2
Publisher: Simon Labs Press
Pub. Date: August 2004

Format: Plastic Spiral, 0.3" x 11" x 8.5" landscape, 115pp
Illustrations: every page

This book presents the Simon Visual Language - the first uniform visual language for business. Utilizing the Simon Tool, it enables "business architects," such as executives, planners, consultants, MBA's, engineers, and analysts, to communicate business concepts with blueprints. Business and technology strategies, initiatives, products, and organizations can be graphically depicted across an enterprise, replacing the current, awkward patchwork of words, spreadsheets, clipart, boxes, and arrows. Drawings created with the Simon Visual Language are thoroughly analogous to building construction plans; both use a tacitly understood visual language to communicate a vision and validate progress at all levels. The book explains the Simon Visual Language, its application to business, and how drawings and business blueprints are created. Michael Porter's Competitive Forces and Value Chain Analysis models, Balanced Scorecard, and other models are presented visually using the Simon Visual Language. The book also maps a sample project. This full-color book is produced entirely in the Simon Visual Language, attesting to the power of this approach to communicate with enhanced speed, efficacy, and aesthetics.

Table of Contents:

Business Design and Blueprints Table of Contents
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Many enterprises have attempted a multitude of approaches for capturing business knowledge and intellectual capital but have always managed to fall short by using software engineering notations such as UML to model the business. Architecture emerges when the vision of how technology can make things better is visualized. This book provides a notation that will help all within the enterprise to understand the business domain while they create the system that realizes the vision. The Simon Visual Language bridges the gap between business visionary and enterprise architecture.

James McGovern
Enterprise Architect
The Hartford
Co-author of bestselling book: A Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture

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