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SimonTOOL 2003 Trial (ST2003Trial)

SimonTOOL 2003 Trial

Free 30 Day Trial or Order CD
SimonTOOL 2003
Addon for Microsoft Visio 2003 Standard or Professional

The SimonTOOL is a graphical drawing software package that is used to create drawings and blueprints using the Simon Visual Language - the first uniform visual language for business and technology.

  • For "business architects," such as executives, planners, consultants, MBA's, engineers, and analysts, the Simon Visual Language enables communication of business concepts with blueprints. Business and technology strategies, initiatives, products, and organizations can be graphically depicted across an enterprise, replacing the current, awkward patchwork of words, spreadsheets, clipart, boxes, and arrows.
  • For software architects including chief architects, domain architects, technical architects, analysts, and planners can create software architecture and enterprise architecture drawings that facilitate communication with business professionals yet map to UML for communication to technical professionals.
  • For manufacturing, industrial engineers, building architects, and other engineers and planners involved in business technology and equipment design and planning, create engineering, facilities, and flow drawings in the same visual language as other business drawings.
Drawings created with the Simon Visual Language are thoroughly analogous to building construction plans; both use a tacitly understood visual language to communicate a vision and validate progress at all levels.

Simon Visual Language Example:

Simon Visual Language Example
- click image to enlarge -

The SimonTOOL was designed to keep your mind on your design and not on the tool. The tool's emphasis is creating drawings that communicate visually. SimonTOOL is integrated into Microsoft Visio yet requires no Visio experience, while providing the power and capabilities of Visio. SimonTOOL uses an inspector interface so it is always ready to accept input. The patent pending shape bracket (that contains this text) is controlled intuitively, providing unparalled flexibility in presenting information, including imbedding snippets of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and all forms of graphics.

The SimonTOOL contains a library of over 2,000 icons designed by an award-winning graphic artist so even those artistically challenged can produce beautiful drawings that demand to be "read." The ever-growing library of icons, organized by industry and discipline, can be augmented by custom icons ordered from Simon Labs with overnight delivery. The SimonTOOL includes icon sets for many popular business models such as the Zachman Framework, Baldridge, Michael Porter's Value Chain Analysis and Competitive Forces Model, Balanced Scorecard, SWOT, and others, allowing these to be presented fluidly with the Simon Visual Language. The Simon Enterprise Architecture Model and Simon Strategy and Action Model organize these models into a logically organized blueprint that all can "read."

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