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Technology Design and Blueprints (ISBN0974303429)

Technology Design and Blueprints

Technology Design and Blueprints:
Effective Technology Communication Using the Simon Visual Language

Authors: Marc Sewell and Laura Sewell

ISBN: 0-9743034-2-9
Publisher: Simon Labs Press
Pub. Date: 4Q2004
Format: Plastic Spiral, 0.3" x 11" x 8.5" landscape, 115pp
Illustrations: every page

This book presents the Simon Visual Language - the first uniform visual language for business and technology. Utilizing the Simon Tool, it enables software architects. planners, consultants, MBA's, engineers, and analysts, to communicate technology and business concepts with blueprints presented visually using the Simon Visual Language. This full-color book is produced entirely in the Simon Visual Language, attesting to the power of this approach to communicate with enhanced speed, efficacy, and aesthetics.

This book will be available 1Q2008.

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