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Excel 2003 - Complete Package (MS06503866)

Excel 2003 - Complete Package

Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Complete Package

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 enables you to turn data into information with powerful tools to analyze, communicate, and share results. Excel 2003 can help you work better in teams, and help protect and control access to your work. In addition, you can work with industry-standard Extensible Markup Language (XML) data to make it easier to connect to business processes.

Excel 2003 can read data in any customer-defined XML schema without reformatting. You can analyze and manipulate XML data sources using charts, tables, or graphs.

Note In all Office 2003 Editions, Excel 2003 spreadsheets can be saved in a native XML file format which can be manipulated and searched using any program that can process industry standard XML. With Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, companies can also use customized XML formatsor schemasto enable easier and more advanced information creation, capture, exchange, and reuse.
  • Create data for SimonTOOL
  • Capture and Reuse Data
  • Bring Key Business Data into your Spreadsheets for More Timely Access to the Information you need to Make Educated Decisions.
  • Take Advantage of Data wherever it Exists.
  • Develop your own Data Solutions.
  • Analyze Data Better.
  • Customize Functionality with Enhanced Smart Tags.
  • Interact with Business Systems.

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