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Introduction to the Simon Visual Language (SS001)

Introduction to the Simon Visual Language

Free Seminar: Business Design & Blueprints: Effective Business Communication Using the Simon Visual Language



Communication is the real work of leadership.

Nitin Nohria, Organizational Behavior unit chairman, Harvard Business School.


Building architects have a special visual language to create blueprints that even novice future home owners understand.  We who design businesses have a disorganized cacophony of text, spreadsheets, rectangles, arrows, and awkward clipart. A building architect wouldn’t think to design a $100K house with that tool set; yet business “architects”  use them to design billion dollar corporations.


Spreadsheets, graphics, and text are excellent raw materials but there isn’t a uniform way to use them for business communication. The Simon Visual Language provides that uniform language for business and technology so those who must communicate business concepts can more effectively, efficiently, and economically create compelling and flexible enterprise-wide business design blueprints.


Simon blueprints draw the eye, speed and clarify communication, and enable all who create them to be true “business architects.” The Simon Visual Language is the first of its kind for both business and technology, incorporating strategy, planning, process, organization, and technology – all aspects of a business.


Simon Visual Language blueprints are created with an inexpensive, simple to use Microsoft Visio add-on, the SimonTOOL. It has a direct interface to Microsoft Excel and, due to its integration with the Microsoft Office suite, Simon drawings can be used in PowerPoint, Word, web pages, and the Visio viewer.




  • Executives – Those looking to improve communication with peers, directors, and employees.
  • Business “architects” – Management consultants, planners, managers, process engineers – all who “design the business.”
  • Software Architects – Enterprise architects, chief architects, domain architects, and analysts who create software design documentation that must be reviewed by business professionals.



  • Understand what is and why use the Simon Visual Language.
  • Be able to “read” Simon Visual Language blueprints.
  • See examples of how the Simon Visual Language is used for organization, process, and strategy communication.
  • See examples of how IT alignment is accomplished and technology is presented in a business way for business professionals.
  • See the Excel interface used for market segmentations and budgeting.
  • See how blueprints are created with the SimonTOOL

Additional Information:

Definition of Simon Visual Language

Visual white paper

Example drawings

Sample book pages

SimonTOOL screen shots in a user interface model

Free SimonTOOL trial




Atlanta, April 11 2007, 9am-11:30am, Microsoft Offices, Daytona Room, [map]


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